Extremely Competitive Rates for Shipping Trucks, Tractor Units, and Trailers from Tilbury, Immingham, Southampton, Sheerness or Newcastle Ports

We offer excellent rates and rapid transit times for shipping tractor units, trucks as well as trailers or trailer stacks to Kenya from the UK. We can ship your vehicles either by:

Truck Shipping

RoRo Shipping

RoRo Ships are Purpose Built Vessels designed to carry motor vehicles. Imagine a floating car park – if you would like to see an inside of a vessel. Please click here to read our article.

Different load ports have different transit times, vessels sailing from Tilbury and Immingham is a direct service to Mombasa. While our sailing ex Southampton is a Transhipment Service which means that the cargo is offloaded and then re-loaded on another vessel.

Costs for Shipping Trucks on RoRo to Mombasa or Dar Es Salaam, specifically Tractor Units start from £2,200 – other trucks may be cheaper or more expensive. We require the length, width and height to be able to give you a price.

Get in touch and let us provide you with a hassle free shipping service.

Container Shipping

Container Truck Shipping is very exciting , and we are proud to say that we have a great deal of experience in shipping trucks in the various types of containers. It can be challenging however we specialize in innovative shipping solutions.

We have shipped full size trucks in 40FT Containers with two Chassis Cabs to Mombasa and Dar Es Salaam.

We are able to offer Tractor Unit Shipping on FlatRacks to Mombasa or Dar Es Salaam.

Costs to Ship Trucks to Kenya vary based on requirements.

There is a variety of ways we can ship trucks and look forward to hearing from you allowing us to ship your truck in the best way.

Truck Shipping


Vessel Name Closing Date Loading Port Estimated Time of Arrival - Mombasa Estimated Time of Arrival - Dar Es Salaam
Morning Carol -Tilbury 22-May-2019 30-June-2019 28-June-2019 BOOK NOW

Vessel Name:

Morning Carol -Tilbury

Closing Date:


Loading Port:

Estimated Time of Arrival - Mombasa:


Estimated Time of Arrival - Dar Es Salaam:




Auto Kenya Offers Shipping of Trucks from the UK to Mombasa or Dar Es Salaam. We offer various load port from the UK for your truck shipments. For our RoRo service we can load out of Tilbury Port, Immingham Port, Southampton Port or Sheerness Port in the UK.

Being in the business for over 10 years, we are able to offer regular shipping schedules to Mombasa and Dar Es Salaam. Furthermore, we always ensure we offer the best service to ensure your cargo reaches its destination on time.

Trucks being shipped to Kenya require a QISJ inspection, and we can carry this out for you to ensure that shipments are compliant.

Furthermore, should you need any assistance in Kenya we have partners who can assist in clearing as well as on any other matters.

Our up to date knowledge of vehicle shipping procedures allows us to advise you on the necessary requirements as well as arranging everything necessary before pre-shipment to Kenya. Contact us for a quotation for shipping trailer stacks, trucks or tractor units to Kenya.


Please see below list of documents require for customs clearance in Kenya

Importation Guide

Original UK V5/Log Book

Importation Guide

Passport or ID copy

Importation Guide

Original QISJ Pre-Shipment Inspection certificate

Importation Guide

KRA Pin Certificate copy

Importation Guide

Original Bills of Lading


We require the truck details, specifically the make, model, registration number and chassis number. We shall further require who the truck will be sent to in Kenya or Tanzania.

We shall identify the best vessel to ensure quick delivery to your destinations of choice,
at the best possible price.

If a QISJ Inspection is needed, we shall arrange this for you,
or support you on any other pre-shipment formalities

Once shipped, sit back and relax – we hold your hand all the way to ensure a hassle free shipping experience. 


AutoKenya have been my partners for the last five years. They are my only go to company whenever I need to ship anything from the UK. They always deliver what they promise in terms of lead time, cost and efficiency and always ensure that I am updated about the progress of each shipment. Their staff are polite and pleasant. They go out of their way to offer a hand over and beyond what is expected of them.Kudos Sudhir, Ann and Reginah. Keep up the good work!!
John Miriti
John Miriti
13:49 22 May 19
Sudhir from Auto Kenya was of great help during the entire transfer and import process from the UK to KE. We had a couple of smaller and larger hiccups caused by the Kenyan authorities, but Sudhir was always patient and went to great lengths to help me. If I ever import a car somewhere in East Africa again, it will be through Auto Kenya.
Sonja Leitner
Sonja Leitner
07:59 06 Mar 19
Auto Kenya have not been short of amazing, they are very responsive and accurate. Their communication is next to none. Highly commendable business
Prince Waiyaki
Prince Waiyaki
11:18 26 Nov 18
What a great company. Great service all round and exceptionally helpful. They also have a variety of services to suit your export needs. I highly recommend them. I have used them for the last 9 or so years and they've never failed me. They promptly respond to any questions and they have very helpful staff.
Jagenaught supanova
Jagenaught supanova
13:14 23 Nov 18
Great People to Deal with. Anne and Reginah are so helpful and knowledgeable. And they have great customer service. Always there to sort out any issues. Keep up the good work!SLEEK AUTO EXPORTS LTD
Pritesh Malde
Pritesh Malde
10:38 22 Oct 18
I have used Auto-Kenya for over 10 years now and they are the most efficient and professional shipping company that I have come across.In conjunction with Simba shipping, you get quality service, at the cheapest rate in the market. Every time I have a challenging shipment, they have never disappointed as they also tailor the consignment arranging for pick up, packing and delivery to Africa, Asia and North America.
John Philip
John Philip
14:44 30 Aug 18
I had a straight forward and pleasant experience dealing with Auto Kenya. I purchased a car from the UK and shipped it to Uganda remotely. Their staff were helpful during the entire process. It's quite rare to find a UK based company willing to follow up with a call to Ugandan based customer.They also helped organise a service to pick up the car from the dealership and deliver it to the port for shipping. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone looking to ship a car from the UK.
Charles Mugyenzi
Charles Mugyenzi
07:36 26 Jul 18