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We have put together a list of questions we are often asked by our customers with their answers. We hope this will be useful for you and will answer or provide you with information on shipping your vehicle. Should a question not be present, please get in touch with us and we would be very happy to answer the same.

What is the Pre-Shipment Inspection?

As per Kenyan regulations, all vehicles being shipped from the UK are required to undergo an inspection to ensure the vehicle is road worthy as per KEBS standards. 

The inspection company require a copy of the V5 as well as a valid MOT.

Can I ship the car without a V5?

Yes you can, however there will be a GBP 20.00 additional charge for pre-shipment inspection and the V5 will be needed in Mombasa to clear the vehicle.

What documents are needed to clear the car in Mombasa?

For a normal clearance, the Original Bills of Lading, Original Pre-Shipment Inspection, the original UK Log Book, Consignee ID copy and KRA PIN copy are required. For clearances where there are exemptions – different documents are required.

Does the V5 have to be in my name to clear the car?

If the vehicle is not being shipped as a returning resident, the V5 does not necessarily have to match the shippers name. 

What are the expected costs in Mombasa?

Costs in Mombasa vary widely, you can utilise the duty calculator we have to get an understanding via dutycalc.auto-kenya.com – or alternatively email us a copy of the UK logbook to forward to our clearing agent in Mombasa to provide taxes and clearing charges payable.

When and where can I drop my car?

Cars can be dropped at our office in Tilbury Port, we are open Monday to Friday and half day on Saturday. It is however important to take note of of closing dates for vessels, to ensure your car is delivered on time.

When is the next vessel?

Container vessels sail on a weekly basis, while for RoRo there are generall two vessels a month. Please see our shipping schedule for the latest dates.

How much does it cost to ship a car to Kenya?

Costs to ship a vehicle vary based on it being a saloon or a 4×4 and whether the vehicle will be shipped in a container or on RoRo. Call us on 0208 8191265 and we can advise, alternatively email us on sales@auto-kenya.com

Can Auto Kenya carry out the pre-shipment inspection?

Yes – At our port office in Tilbury, once vehicles have been dropped off we can arrange for the pre-shipment inspection to be carried out on your behalf.