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We specialize in Car shipping to Mombasa from the UK, and currently ship cars to Mombasa, Kenya from Tilbury Port, Immingham, Southampton and Sheerness ports in the UK on a RoRo basis. Our container car shipping service to Mombasa is via Tilbury and Felixstowe. Through our vast experience in the business, we guarantee the best shipping rates, extremely helpful customer service, and ensure we guide you so that you have a totally hassle free shipping experience while it also being the cheapest way of shipping your car to Kenya from the UK. Mombasa is the primary port in Kenya and is the best destination for Shipping cars to Kenya unless you wish to airfreight vehicles to JKIA Nairobi.

Through our partner company in Mombasa we ensure your car is cleared in no time and with no hassle. You have the option of delivering your car directly to Tilbury port to us for shipping to Kenya, or better yet, Auto Kenya provides fast and hassle-free car collection service from anywhere in the UK.

When shipping your car to Mombasa from the UK, every vehicle is subject to QISJ inspection. We arrange this for you immediately after the car arrives at our offices in Tilbury. We have friendly, professional staff ready to assist with all your shipping needs. Get in contact with us and we’ll ship your car to Kenya from the UK hassle free!


At Auto Kenya, our aim is to offer regular sailings to Mombasa with Short Transit Times of 26 – 30 Days. We always strive to get your cargo to Kenya in the quickest possible way. We ship cars through:

Roll On Roll Off Service (RO/RO)

Car Shipping to Mombasa via RoRo ShipsRoRo shipping is used for shipping all kinds of vehicles and is the preferable way to ship cars, trucks and tractors to Kenya from the UK, for its cost-effectiveness.

Cars being being shipped via RoRo are driven onboard and parked onto the vessel intended to ferry thousands of cars at the same time. RoRo ships are designed to ferry cars under the deck and thus away from the elements. Vehicles are then lashed to the floor of the ship to prevent movement during shipping. Think of the Ship as a Huge Underground Floating Car Park.

We offer services from Tilbury, Immingham, Southampton and Sheerness for Mombasa, Kenya. Our RoRo ships depart twice a month and our shipping transit times to Mombasa are between 26 to 30 days.

Saloons FROM £POA
4 x 4 ‘s FROM £POA

For all other types of vehicles such as tractors, trucks, tractor units, please contact us with the weight and dimensions of the vehicle for a more accurate quotation.

20 Ft or 40ft Container Shipping

container-shipping-from-ukContainers shipping is the most secure way to export cars to Mombasa, Kenya. Container shipping is also suitable for newer cars and personal items since it ensures safe shipping and theft is limited.

Auto Kenya provides UK to Mombasa Container Shipping from Tilbury and Felixstowe.

You can learn more about our container service and how it works by visiting our Car Shipping to Mombasa via Container Page


Please see below list of documents required for clearing a car in Kenya

Log Book

Original UK V5/Log Book

Passport or ID copy

Original QISJ Pre-Shipment Inspection certificate

Original QISJ Pre-Shipment Inspection certificate

KRA Pin Certificate copy

KRA Pin Certificate copy

Original Bills of Lading

Original Bills of Lading


Below is a quick breakdown of the steps to follow for shipping your car to Kenya with Auto Kenya

Submit details of the vehicle to us via our online booking form. We shall then process the shipment booking.

Once we confirm the booking, the vehicle is then delivered to us or we can arrange collection from anywhere in the UK.

We shall arrange all pre-shipment formalities such as the QISJ pre-shipment inspection prior to shipping to Mombasa.

Sit Back and Relax as we ensure all shipment formalities are done prior to vessel sailing. We shall then notify you once the vessel sails with your vehicle on baord.


We provide you with Bills of Lading as well as Inspection Certificates where required and keep you updated about your vehicle from the moment the ship departs, and regularly through the entire shipping period until the vessel arrives.

Where clearance is required we are happy to DHL the Final Documents to Mombasa or Nairobi or to the clearing agent that will be clearing your car.

Auto Kenya assures you with peace of mind while shipping with us. We ship high volumes every month, and we are specialists in shipping cars to Mombasa, Kenya. Unlike most companies, we only specialize in car shipping ensuring we fully know what we do.

Need an affordable quote for car shipping from the UK to Mombasa, Kenya? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!



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Dealer to dealer shipments

Dealer to Dealer Shipments

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Dealer to End-user shipments

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Do you source cars for customers in Kenya? Are you a dealer in the UK looking to supply a car to a customer in Kenya?

James A

I would like to confirm that the car has been delivered to me in Nairobi. Oh! It drives very well. Thanks a lot to you and your team for the wonderful service that I got. I was kept informed throughout the process. Should I (or relative/friend) need a similar service in the future, I will certainly get back to you. It was a pleasure working together.

David B

First class five star service. Fantastic postal, phone and e-mail communication at both ends of the route; flexibility and great value for money. I would very happily recommend Auto Kenya Ltd to family or friends.

Nicholas K

Dear Auto Kenya Team,

Thank you for all the help and advice you kindly offered to me when I was intending to send my Honda CR-V to Kenya. Words cannot express my gratitude. Thanks for all your help.

Dennis A

The level of service you gave in shipping my car was exceptional, once again many thanks.

Neil B

Auto Kenya - A good organization with diligent customer service. Helpful, good communications, additional assistance - very good.

Auto Kenya recommended clearing agent Mombasa - Diligent and well meaning. Hard working and knowledgeable, very patient, flexible and professional.

Fredrick M.

I take this opportunity to thank you all for the excellent services provided during the shipping of my car during the months of June and July. I have used your company on two previous times but this last one was exceptional because of the advice received from Sudhir, I want to thank him for the free storage for the car before the next available ship so that the car arrives at the time I could be in Kenya. The car arrived in Mombasa on time and with no damages at all. Thank you once again Sudhir for the advice and exceptional services provided, I look forward to using your services again. I will recommend your company to my friends.

Thank you.