Being a major RoRo Shipping Agent for Cars and 4×4’s to Mombasa – a common question we are often asked is – what are RoRo vessels and will my car be on the deck of the ship while shipping to Kenya? The simple answer is no.

In shipping terms Ro/Ro stand for Roll on Roll off – where put simply, the cargo is rolled (driven or towed) onto the vessel and rolled off (driven or towed) at Mombasa, Dar Es Salaam or the destination port.

Think about RoRo ships as large floating underground car parks where your car is driven onto the vessel and then safely lashed or tied down to the floor of the ship to protect it from moving during the voyage.

Some interesting facts about RoRo ships are:-

  1. The majority of brand new cars are transported on RoRo ships worldwide including Rolls Royce’s
  2. RoRo vessels often have two ramps for quick loading and offloading of cargo
  3. The ships ramps are adjustable and can be moved up and down depending on the type of cargo
  4. They can carry over 6,000 vehicles.
  5. RoRo ships are also known to carry:-
    1. Helicopters
    2. Airplanes
    3. Trains
    4. Boats
    5. Large Project Cargo – for mining, power plants, turbines, heavy machinery, etc

Please see below pictures for a tour of a RoRo ship which was going to Mombasa:-

The Vessel Ramp: The strength of this ramp is unbelievable with very heavy carrying capability.

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