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Rules and Regulations for Exporting Cars to Kenya

Rules and Regulations for Exporting Cars to Kenya

This article has now been superseded by our Importation Guide which is kept up to date with our regulations.

Auto Kenya are often asked about the requirements for shipping a car to Kenya from the UK and we hope the following article will assist all those who are interested in doing so.

The Regulations

8 year age limit:

Only vehicles which are registered in the past 8 years are allowed into Kenya. Please see frequently asked questions below:

  • Q: In 2013, does 8 years mean 2005 cars and onwards or 2006 cars and onwards?
    A: The correct answer to this question is cars registered in the year 2006 and onwards.
  • Q: So if we are in July in the year 2013, does that mean a January 2006 car would not be allowed?
    A: No, any vehicle registered in the year 2006 from January to December would be allowed as well as subsequent years i.e. 2006 and onwards
  • Q: If I purchase an imported car registered in the UK in 2006 but manufactured in the year 1996, would this be allowed?
    A: No, the difference in the year of manufacture and the year of registration must not be more than one year.

Kenya Roadworthiness Inspection:

To stop un-road worthy vehicles being imported into Kenya, the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) has made it a requirement that all vehicles coming into Kenya must be inspected by their appointed inspection company in the foreign country prior to import to avoid being fined in Kenya for not having done an inspection.

  • Q: What company shall I contact for inspections in the UK?
    A: QISJ (+44 208 5290972)  or JEVIC UK (+44 1483 276900) are the companies who you can approach to assist in insepcting your vehicle.
  • Q:  What if I do not do the inspection?
    A:  An inspection in Kenya will be done at a fee of 15% of the CIF value as well as the importer having to execute a redeemable bond of a similar amount pending verification. Our advise would be to do it in the country of export as it is cheaper to do so.

Left Hand Drive Vehicles:

With Kenya being a Right Hand Drive country, only right hand drive vehicles are allowed to be imported into Kenya