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Car Import Duty Calculator for Kenya



For the clients who wish to export cars to Kenya and have queries regarding the import duty tax payable in Kenya, we have built a tool that will help you estimate the taxes payable. The tool, called the car import duty calculator for Kenya, will assist you in calculating the taxes and also ascertain the final cost of the car. 

However please note, this tool is to guide you and we cannot guarantee that KRA will accept these figures.

 The calculator can be accessed through: to help you calculate car import duty.

To learn more on how to use the calculator please see below:-

Step 1 

Vehicle Make and Model: Select your vehicle make and model – this will then determine what the current retail selling price is for this vehicle.

Engine Size: If the engine size displayed on the inspection certificate is different, please enter this to ensure the correct value is used.

Vehicle Date of First Registration: This is the date when the vehicle was registered in the country you are exporting from. It can be found on the top left corner of the UK Log Books.

Vehicle Arrival Date (Ship Arrival Date): Please check with us on when a vessel is estimated to arrive and put this date here.

Once done – Click on Calculate Duty

Step 2

Description of the Customs Value in the results

The revenue authority derives the customs value of a vehicle to determine if the invoice value presented to them is accurate or not. If the customs value is higher than the invoice value then this value would apply or vice versa.

Step 3

Vehicle Purchase Price in Foreign Country: This is the purchase price in the foreign country – the currency of the purchase price can be selected after which the amount can be keyed in.

Freight Cost to Mombasa: If the purchase price is not a CIF or CNF price, kindly input the estimated freight cost to Mombasa.

Port and Clearing Agent Costs: This vary based on vehicle type, it best to get a quote for the same
Miscellaneous Costs: Perhaps you are going to Mombasa to pick the car?

The Final cost is the price the car will cost you to import.